Meta to connect Ukrainians with timely info to stay safe

Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced to start showing people in Ukraine a message at the top of feed to connect them to high-quality, timely information to stay safe, find family and friends, and locate support services like
housing and immigration assistance.

The social network has also added resources in the Emotional Health Hub on Facebook, in both Ukrainian and English, to support those in need.

“The hub features content that helps parents and caregivers figure out how to discuss the crisis with children, how to identify stress in children and how to navigate their own stress and anxiety during this time,” the company said in a statement late on Thursday.


Meta also introduced a new emergency relief feature set that makes it easier for admins of these communities to turn on features that empower members to come together and take action.

Admins will be able to give their group access to anonymous posts, guides, files, Q&As, events, and when eligible, the options to offer assistance or request help through Community Help and raise money through nonprofit fundraisers.

The company has already seen more than $40 million raised across Instagram and Facebook for nonprofits supporting humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

“Now, when someone searches for a nonprofit to fundraise for on Instagram, we’ll start showing organisations like Unicef and World Central Kitchen that are supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine first in many countries around the world,” Meta said.

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