Sarkaru Vaari Paata Released Digitally On Amazon Prime Video

Telugu actor Mahesh Babu’s latest release ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’ is now streaming of Amazon Prime Video. Subscribers of the platform can get an early access to the movie on a rental basis. The film will be available for all the users after ten days.

In his statement, Mahesh Babu said, “Sarkaru Vaari Paata has been a thrilling ride, right from its inception to its release. I am overwhelmed with the love it has released from the audience, and feel elated to offer viewers early access to the movie through Movie Rentals on Amazon Prime Video. It is a story that is peppered with humour, action, drama and emotions, making it the perfect entertaining watch for a movie night with your friends. I am glad that now movie lovers across the country will be able to enjoy the movie from the comfort of their homes, at a time and on a device of their choice.”


Day 1: Rs 36.01 Crore
Day 2: Rs 11.04 Crore
Day 3: Rs 12.01 Crore
Day 4: Rs 12.06 Crore
Day 5: Rs 3.64 Crore
Day 6: Rs 2.32 Crore
Day 7: Rs 1.82 Crore
Day 8: Rs 1.79 Crore
Day 9: Rs 1.40 Crore
Day 10: Rs 1.58 Crore
Day 11: Rs 2.40 Crore
Day 12: Rs 86 Lakh
Day 13: Rs 50 Lakh
Day 14: Rs 50 Lakh
Day 15: Rs 25 Lakh
Day 16: Rs 25 Lakh
Day 17: Rs 50 Lakh
Day 18: Rs 79 Lakh
Day 19: Rs 20 Lakh
Day 20: Rs 16 Lakh
Day 21: Rs 14 Lakh
Day 22: Rs 50 Lakh

Total Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Collection :- Rs 90.10 Crore (Rs 136.35 Crore Gross)

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