Woman Swims From Bangladesh To India To Marry Her Lover, Arrested

who went out of her way to get reunited with her lover.

A 22-year-old Bangladeshi woman swam across the Indo-Bangladesh border to marry her boyfriend from India. In order to reach her destination, the young woman had to get past the wild forests of the Sunderbans and then had to swim for an hour amidst harsh conditions to unite with the love of her life.

The Bangladeshi woman has been identified as Krishna Mandal, who met her would-be lover Abhik Mandal virtually on Facebook and she fell for him after interacting and talking with him on phone for a few days.

Krishna crossed the border illegally to get married to her better half and she chose this dangerous path as she did not possess a passport.

As per reports, Krishna first entered the Sundarbans, which are known for their Royal Bengal Tigers. Thereafter, she swam for more than an hour in the river to reach her destination.

Meanwhile, Krishna got married to Abhik at Kalighat Temple in Kolkata just three days prior to this incident. However, much to her despair, she was arrested on May 30 for illegally entering the country.

Earlier, the Border Security Force (BSF) had arrested a teenage Bangladeshi national who illegally entered India just to buy his favourite chocolates.

The Bangladeshi teen was arrested by security forces from the Sipahijala area which is in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura.


The apprehended teen had been identified as Eman Hossain, a resident of a small village in the Comilla district of Bangladesh.

As per reports, the Bangladeshi teen boy had entered India by swimming through the Shalda River that flows over the international boundary of India and Bangladesh.

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